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我想 英语怎么说

I want... I need... I would like...

let me think

i want to take part in. 或者 i want to participate.

我想强调一点 = I would like to emphasize on 1 more point emphasize = 强调 我想补充一点 = I would like to add, ....(准备好的题外话)

reserve V. 预定 I want reserve a room. 我想预定一个房间。 I'd like to reserve a room with a single bed. 我想预定一间单人房。 望采纳,谢谢!

我想喝水 I want to dring water.

what do i really want? 我到底想要什么 i want something XXX. XXX是形容词 我想要XXX的东西 或者干脆 i want XXXX XXXX是具体东西 for example i want a cup of tea, please 我想要一杯茶

一般用make love with ,,,或者have sex with ,,,, fuck的话,太粗俗了,一般电影里,或对话里不太用这个词。。。。

I put it through finally.

1. I need to come up with an idea. 2. I'll think about it, you needn't worry too much, go home and wait for my message. 3. Can you think of an idea for me? I really don't know what to do. 希望帮到你。

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