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Thank you for coming, but I have something can't go to pick you up

谢谢你的到来。 Thanks for coming. / Thank you for coming. 欢迎你的到来。 Welcome!即可 或者用 Welcome to 。。。(地点)

i'd like to thank you because you helped me solve my problem

Thank you for your eamil. I will be on sick leave from 26th to 27th, Jan. If there is any urgency, please call my mobile.

Thank all the same! 当自己问路或者寻求帮助时,却没有得到对方的准备、合适的回答的时候 就这么说就OK了

Thank you for coming to my life.

Thank you for your invitation. I feel very sorry. I cannot see you this week. 希望能够帮到你!!!

感谢你邀请我们来参观你的新居。英语翻译 Thank you for _inviting us to visit_your new flat.

I want to thank you again for your inviting me to your party the day before yesterday.

Thank you for being the light of my life记得采纳我,谢谢!

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